Tec & Rec - Home of OutWest E-bikes is an all Electric Bike Store nestled at the edge of Rocky Mountain Foothills and specializes in everything electric.

We carry a wide selection of electric bikes, e-trikes, scooters, mobility scooters and hoverboards. We also have a select number of rugged cell phones, smart watches, tablets, ear buds and other mobility devices made by Blackview.

We Are Avid E-Bike Riders, so we:

  • Understand the workings of the electric system and can provide advice, maintenance, and repairs.
  • Know how to get the optimal operation out of the bike by combining the gears, motor, and throttle; working together, to provide a harmonious, and effortless ride.
  • Will provide comprehensive instruction on e-bike operation prior to going on your demo ride.
  • Can diagnose and/or repair most e-bike problems.


Tec and Rec is a quaint shop located in central Alberta where the west country and rolling foothills begin in the community of Sundre, Alberta.

  • Please call, email or check this website to see our inventory.
  • E-bike Demo Rides are booked by phone - 403-638-1925
  • Bike repairs done on a first come, first serve basis. Please bring bikes to the shop to be checked in. Please be prepared to leave the bike for a minimum of 72hrs.
  • Winter hours Wednesday to Saturday 10-5, Friday 10-6

Visit our Showroom

We have a large stock of e-bikes from numerous suppliers to offer you the best selection of e-bikes out there. We want to help you find the bike that fits you the best for the riding you want to do.

eBike Demo Rides

There is no better way to learn if you enjoy an e-bikes than climbing on one and taking it for a short ride. For test rides we recommend booking a scheduled appointment so you have a staff member to answer all your questions and allows you to learn about the bike and safe e-bike operation before your test ride. These appointments last approximately 1 hour in time.

We also offer a FREE one-time brake and gear adjustments for all E-Bikes purchased from us. Bring your new e-bike in at approximately 300km for it's free first service.

If you're considering an E-bike purchase, we strongly encourage you to Book an Appointment and get acquainted with Pedal Electric Bikes.

  • We show you how all the controls work and give advice on the best gear and assist level to get you riding with ease.
  • There is a nice hill at the end of the test ride where you can experience the power of the e-bike; you'll be astonished at how simple it is to glide to the top! NO SWEAT!
  • We want to make your demo ride a fun experience and happily accompany you providing helpful tips regarding the electric bike's operation.

Book Your E-Bike Demo Experience Today - Call 403-638-1925

Wednesday 10 AM- -2 PM- -4 PM
Thursday 10 AM-
-2 PM-
-4 PM
Friday 10 AM-
-2 PM-
-4 PM
Saturday 10 AM-
-2 PM-
-4 PM

Do I need to know how to ride a regular bike?

Yes, absolutely for your safety!!

****Please do not book a demo ride, unless you can ride a regular bike. If it has been a while since your last bike ride, please familiarize yourself by taking a standard bike ride before attempting to "learn" on an e-bike. It can be overwhelming to re-learn standard bike control, while at the same time learning totally new e-bike skills.