Minimum quantity for "T4B - CARRIAGE TRIKE" is 1.

Get Noticed with this T4B Lifestyle Carriage Trike



Get Noticed with this T4B Lifestyle Carriage Trike

  • FYI: You must be able to operate a regular bike in order to manage the electric trike.
BrakesMechanical Z. Star adjustable Front/Rear Disk
Gears7-speed Shimano mechanical cassette CS-HG200-8
Battery48V 14.5 Samsung lithium-ion
Motor500W (peaks at 750W)
Top Speed32 km/h
Range35 km per charge
Weight Capacitylarge weight capacity at 200 kg (450lbs)
TiresKenda, Balloon 24-inch front and 20-inch back

Balloon tires, 24-inch front and 20-inch back provide comfort and stability when you ride in an urban or off-road environment in various rainy, snowy, mountain conditions.

BAFANG 500 W, 48 V 14.5 Ah Front Drive Electric Motor. Perfectly balanced, smooth and powerful the motor operates in virtual silence. Max Speed: 32 km/h. This unique bike has all the qualities of a cargo bike, only it’s electric powered! Super-fast and agile!

Take a trip to the garden/pool/neighbours/store – no questions asked! Cargo space on this bike is large.

The funnest way to get around a campground with your furry friend in the back or front for company. Great for hauling items around your property, or taking your gear in and out when fishing or hunting.

Our Carriage Trike is an Electric bike, that’s super quiet, has zero emissions and great for the environment!

This bike has large weight capacity at 200 kg (450lbs)!

You won’t get caught in the dark either, as this trike has a large lamp to light your way!

T4B CARRIAGE TRIKE - drives you at speeds up to 32 km/h and gives you a worry-free range of travel of approximately 35 km** per charge. That is more than enough for a complete day of touring. Unlike other electric bikes, which can take up to half a day to charge, the bike is equipped with smart lithium battery charger for a quick 5-6 hours that will give you all the battery power you need for a full charge. Handle bar power indicator will help to see your battery’s depletion level.

The Fat tire can take you on to the beach or gravel road, it ensures that you do not feel all the bumps and imperfection in the road as with regular tire, also will not allow you to sink in sandy conditions.

24-in front and 20-in back wheels are made of aluminum alloy and Kenda anti-slip, wear resistant thick tire, suitable for bumpy terrain or smooth road conditions.

Ride in full throttle (no pedaling required) or use 5-speed Smart Pedal Assist for effortless riding experience.

The bike adopts lightweight yet strong and durable aluminum alloy frame; high carbon MOZO steel suspension fork is adjustable. ABS+ knob rotates to improve suspension fork for a softer or harder ride depending on your surroundings; anti-rust and anti-exposure matte surface coating. A lock key, 5-6 hour quick charge battery.

Handle bar can be adjusted using rotating ZOOM stem in height for upto 5-Inch for tall riders’ comfort. Includes LED front and back light, front and back wheel reflectors, bell. Turn handle throttle. Extra cushy seat for absolute comfort.

Mid frame position of the Lithium-Ion battery results in more balanced riding. It will feel more natural, since all the weight is concentrated in the center.

No license required! Go anywhere where a bike can go!

FYI: You must be able to operate a regular bike in order to manage the electric trike. We have many "frail" or "inexperienced" bike customers who were unable to handle this peppy 3 wheel machine.

TB4 e-bikes are designed in Canada.